the HRmeister

cropped-7pic Hi!  This is my inaugural blog post, and I only hope someone (other than myself) will want to read it.  :)



a combining form meaning “a person expert in or renowned for” something specified by the initial element (often used derisively): schlockmeister; opinionmeister; dealmeister.
I hope to be able to share many of the practical 'all things HR' pearls of wisdom I have picked up, as well as some of the foibles I've made, over my 32 years in this profession.
First, a little bit about me...
I've spent the vast majority of my HR career in the property & casualty insurance industry.  Starting as a recruiter, I then transitioned into college relations, diversity internships, generalist, and finally, HR business partner work with several different insurers.  As you might expect, I learned about mergers and acquisitions, talent management, learning and performance, and just enough about benefits, compensation, and HR analytics to be dangerous.
In 1998, I received my Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification, and have re-certified every three years since.  During this time, I had the privilege of serving on both the Central Indiana and Central Iowa Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) chapters in certification, membership, president, and past president roles.
I look forward to hearing what's on your mind.  What HR questions might you appreciate receiving some advice on?  The field has and will continue to change dramatically, so let's use this blog as a forum to better equip ourselves to meet these changing and challenging times!