The Dress Code Dilemma

Dress code as seen at a London Club in the Soh... I just followed a recent call center manager group discussion thread on, where the dress code in call centers was discussed.    Members 'weighed in' on both sides, some advocating for business casual, some for casual dress, the latter, stating that that they can point to raised employee engagement scores when casual dress is allowed.  Others defended the use of casual dress due to their locations throughout the southern US, where warm temperatures abound year round.  We never seem to be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion on this perennial hot topic.

Looking at the dress code topic more broadly, we should also include piercings and tattoos.  Today, many organizations view these as extensions of employee diversity and inclusion.  The bottom line being, that if an employee is otherwise professionally dressed, we should welcome this as a form of diversity, and be 'inclusive', embracing the wearing of  piercings and tattoos.

Herein lies the rub.  Others have argued that (in their eyes) specifically because of the wearing of piercings and tattoos, the employee is not professionally dressed for the workplace.

Again, we haven't reached a satisfactory conclusion on this ever-present topic.  Do you think we ever will?

Good luck.
The HRmeister