Job Fairs- What's Your ROI Been?

pexels-photo-29642  Today, I had the opportunity to participate in a local job fair, hosted by our area's two US congressmen.  Turnout was unbelievable, even though our local unemployment is better than the national average, but you'd never know it by the size of this crowd.

Question: How successful have you been with hiring from a job fair?  Typically, attendees canvass the room, hoping to identify a few employers who will offer an opportunity that peaks their interest.

Whether you take a resume or instruct them to apply online,  what's the likelihood that an employer actually gives the resume/application more than a cursory look, let alone invite them to either a phone-based or in-person interview?

My experience is that one would need to collect a good deal (at least a 3 to 1 ratio) of resumes/applications of job fair-goers, and have them successfully pass a potential phone screen and any applicable assessment tests, before they would clear the hurdle of receiving the much coveted in-person interview.

Then, the applicant will need to clear the hurdle of at least one in-person interview before one could expect to receive a job offer - provided background and other pre-employment tests are passed.

Whew!  Isn't it amazing anyone gets hired?  Yet, today, given our challenging economy, depending on how many job fair applicants we hire, it actually could prove to be a very cost-effective hiring method.

What do you think?

The HRmeister