What's Your Personal Brand?

Same Old Brand New You Gone are the days of thinking of a personal brand as something only to do with marketing a product.  Today, we all are building our 'personal brand', whether we know (or like) it or not.

Careers — By Chris Saffer on August 15, 2012 9:15 am writes:

"With branding, you promote yourself to attract even more opportunities to talk about yourself to others. You find opportunities to tell your story, give your pitch, and let people see what makes you special. The two things that you will need to be especially passionate about are who you are and the work you do.

Developing your brand and standing apart from the crowd is critical in this changing employment environment where technical workers are often more knowledgeable about their field than their CEOs or leaders are. It is therefore important that you discover ways to define the key value that you bring to corporations and to develop strategies to communicate this value personally both within and across organizations to manage your brand effectively over time.

Defining your brand. Defining your brand is the first step in developing a sales and marketing plan for your defining qualities.

This sales experience prepares you for life as a professional, during which you must sell your value, such as gaining entrance to a good school or college, acquiring the position that you desire, or getting a good deal on a house or car. Once you get past the fear of selling, you will be able to focus on your strengths, communicate your value, and sell your brand to the world. The key to being effective in any role is the ability to influence how others perceive you."

How/what are you doing to build your 'personal brand'?

The HRmeister