Baby Boomers and Social Media

facebook A reader recently wrote:  "I'm a baby boomer, and have not yet embraced the use of social media at work or in my personal life.  Why should I?"

The HRmeister is glad you asked this question, which is not all that uncommon with a small (and shrinking) subset of baby boomers.

The good news about your question is that you have enough self-awareness to even ask this question.  The answer is, yes, you should learn about and use social media.  But, since you don't (yet), don't despair.  Many are discovering more and more applications available for social media in our work, careers, and in simply just keeping in touch with our friends and relatives.
First of all, it ain't going away!  If you're still in the workforce, dip your toe into the water with, a great tool for business professionals to network with new, current, and former colleagues all over the world.  You can also join interest groups, recruit applicants, and review companies' job listings (to name a few).  It doesn't replace face-to-face networking, but it certainly is a terrific complement.  If you wish to keep 'up-to-date' and demonstrate that you're 'relevant' (and who doesn't in this challenging economy), it's essential that you learn about and use social media.
Want to keep in touch with some of your relatives or friends more often than just receiving their annual Christmas card?  Then check out  You can start by reaching out and 'connecting' with just a couple of friends or relatives.  Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook is targeted to your 'personal' as opposed to your 'business' connections.
Once you're comfortable with those, consider exploring Twitter.  There, you'll learn to 'tweet' with the best of them.
See!  It's not so scary after all, and I 'll bet you'll look back and wonder why you waited so long to take the plunge.
Happy social networking!
The HRmeister