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New Hire Introductory Periods

Do you offer an Introductory Period at your organization?  Last week, we had a situation with a recent hire that prompted me to look at where his hire date fell in relation to our Introductory Period.  We have a 90-Day Introductory Period.  While we use this time to help new hires begin to learn and assimilate into their new role, we're inconsistent in the sense that we tend to focus more energies around our entry-level positions, rather than all positions, during this time frame.

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Essential Elements of Employee Retention Webinar

Paul Kopack is a career Human Resources generalist who has found success adopting a strategic onboarding process as a way to improve his organization's employee retention.  Paul has been the Director of Human Resources at Johnson Health Center in Lynchburg, VA, for the past two years.  He recently launched his own consulting firm, Principled HR Consulting, LLC.  Paul has a passion for providing practical HR advice and solutions to small to medium sized organizations, who may or may not have a dedicated Human Resources professional on staff.  

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